ROOM 7 | Blue Sky Retreat Center
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Welcome to Room 7, also known as Hardwood, one of the key components of traditional Southwestern architecture seen everywhere throughout our property. Room 7 is a first floor, exterior, room designed for up to two people and features a king-sized bed, traditional wooden viga ceilings, Southwestern accents and a bathtub/shower combination. It also features a gas-fired kiva-style fireplace with a loveseat and space outside to sit in our rocking chairs and enjoy the cool, crisp Taos mountain air. Room 7 is a dog-friendly room for an additional pet fee per pet (please let us know when making your reservation if you are bringing your dog).


Every morning our chef-owner Marina prepares a delicious home-made breakfast buffet from scratch.  A typical breakfast includes bacon or sausage and eggs, freshly baked muffins, cold and hot cereal, fresh fruit, an assortment of breads, jams, butters and cream cheese, yogurt and granola, freshly brewed coffee and juices.

Our chef-owner Marina can prepare a delicious home-made dinner for you with a bit of an advanced notice (min of 3 hours).  Marina’s cooking is influenced by Central Asian and Russian cuisine and includes finger-licking dishes like:

Russian Cabbage Rolls with Beef, Russian Borscht (cabbage soup), Lebanese Chicken and Mediterranean Pilaf, Sinfully Delicious Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes, Baked Tilapia, Big Green Salad, and more.

To order, text Marina at 281-500-3008